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59 Lessons (7h)

  • Setting Up the Environment
    Lec 1 What is NodeJS4:11
    Lec 2 Installing NodeJS3:02
    Lec 3 NPM6:39
    Lec 4 Editor1:39
  • Exercise Files | Resources
    All Coding Files
  • Basics of Scraping
    Lec 5 Scraping Parts2:46
    Lec 6 Driver4:32
    Lec 7 Seleinum Elements3:42
    Lec 8 Selenium methods2:26
    Lec 9 Basic Scrape7:26
    Lec 10 Selenium wait3:27
    Lec 11 Quiting Browser3:51
    Lec 12 Writing Method16:11
    Lec 13 Exception Handling14:01
    Lec 14 ScreenShot9:51
    lec 14.1 Project Division1:58
  • Project (Google Translate 2018)
    Lec 15 1st Project Preview2:49
    Lec 16 Getting Language id GT2K1815:30
    Lec 17 Getting Language Related to Array GT2K187:00
    Lec 18 Creating Language File GT2K187:29
    Lec 19 Deleting Existing File GT2K185:07
    Lec 20 Removing Bug and Running the Process in BackGround GT2K186:56
    Lec 21 Building Scrape File GT2K189:36
    Lec 22 Scrape GoogleTranslate Function Part 1 GT2K186:50
    Lec 23 Scrape GoogleTranslate Function Part 2 GT2K1814:50
    Lec 24 Adding Data to CSV File GT2K185:33
    Lec 25 Limiting the Characters according to Google GT2K185:54
    Lec 26 Adding Delays GT2K185:34
    Lec 27 Final Testing GT2K183:41
  • Project (Google Translate 2019)
    1 Google Translate 2019 Preview GT2K192:10
    2 Opening Language Box GT2K198:02
    3 Getting Class GT2K1914:40
    4 Getting Language Id GT2K1910:56
    5 Getting Name GT2K1918:32
    6 Creating File GT2K199:25
    7 Deleting Existing File GT2K197:47
    8 Reading Client CSV File GT2K199:36
    9 Starting Scrape function GT2K197:29
    10 Running Script GT2K1916:31
    11 Exception Handling GT2K1910:08
    12 Limiting Translation Content GT2K193:56
    13 Saving Output Data for Client GT2K1910:06
    14 Adding Delay Factor and Testing GT2K1911:20
  • Project | Scraping Travel Insurance Website
    Lec 28 2nd Project Preview3:56
    Lec 29 Understanding Test Cases5:41
    Lec 30 Adding Const and Variables6:22
    Lec 31 Looping Params4:47
    Lec 32 Executing Test Case and Sending it to Index.JS file11:00
    Lec 34 Starting Index File13:10
    Lec 35 Convert Date Function7:17
    Lec 36 Selecting 1st Two Fields6:05
    Lec 37 Trip Duration9:23
    Lec 38 Finishing Current Page9:19
    Lec 39 Compiling Results13:14
    lec 40 Appending to CSV File4:36
    lec 41 Debugging16:42
    lec 42 Final Testing Travel Pro7:33

Learn How to Scrape Websites & Obtain Useful Data with 7 Hours of Training Across 3 Sections

Jazeb Akram


Jazeb Akram is a developer and a web designer with the great passion for building beautiful new Desktop/Web Applications from scratch. He has been working as a Freelancer since 2011.He designed various Applications for many web design companies as an Out Sourcer. Jazeb also has a university degree in computer science along with many research activities.


This comprehensive web scraping course gives you a look at the basics of web scraping and data extraction in just 7 hours. For the uninitiated, web scraping removes the burden of manually copying data from a website and instead provides an automated way to do it. Data extraction is done from websites using some sort of a code written called a “scraper” which takes a Web URL, parses the HTML DOM of that site, and then returns the result which can be saved in some format for future use. These processes are tackled in this 59-lecture course in 3 parts: Setting up the environment, Building Blocks & Syntax, and Projects. This course is built using the easy to understand NodeJS and automation testing tool Selenium so you can get up to speed faster.

  • Access 59 lectures & 7 hours of content 24/7
  • Get an introduction on what NodeJS is & how it works
  • Learn & try the basics of scraping and understand how to use Selenium
  • Try working on 3 projects: Google Translate 2018, Google Translate 2019 & a travel insurance website
  • Learn how to read data from CSV files
  • Understand & try saving scraped data into new CSV files and applying validations


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 15 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Basic HTML knowledges
  • Basic programming concepts such as Variable, If Condition, Loop Structure
  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Node JS v10.13.0 (installed inside course)
  • Chrome Driver v2.43 (installed inside course)


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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