Get Things Done: 29 BIG Ideas for Getting Things Done

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  • Introduction
    Introduction - How To Get The Most From This Course - 154:43
  • 9 BIG Ideas For Daily Productivity
    Timeboxing - Turn Tasks Into Mini Goals - 191:03
    Small Tasks - A Big Idea For Handling Small Tasks5:00
    Plan Tomorrow Today - Get Clear And Get It Done!55:14
    Morning Email - Check Your Email... This Way3:11
    Next! - Choose The Right Work At The Right Time10:01
    Wake Up Early - 4 Unique Ways To Do It6:22
    Daily Review - The Daily Map To Your Future9:50
    Weekly Review - The Mother Of All Productivity Strategies8:53
    Boost - 9 Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy10:39
  • 10 BIG Ideas For Developing The Mindset Of An Action-Taker!
    Focus - Learn To Do The 'Impossible'7:20
    Imperfectionism - Turn Your Flaws And Mistakes Into Personal Power11:43
    Expression vs Consumption - Connect With The Flow Of Success7:18
    Action Beliefs - How To THINK Like A Productive Person16:42
    Clarity - Create An Environment Where Taking Action Thrives!6:39
    Deadlines - Tap Into The Motivating Force Of A Time Limit5:57
    Consistency - Discover How To Unlock Success5:26
    Priorities - How To Find Time For Everything5:05
    Convenience - Use Space And Time To Be More Productive6:09
    Weakest Link - Identify And Eliminate Your Biggest Challenge In Life6:53
  • 10 BIG Ideas For Working Smarter... NOT Harder
    Workspace - How To Create A Productive Environment7:50
    To Do List - Turn It Into A DONE List3:37
    Capture - How To Free Your Mind To Get Things Done7:32
    Systems - How To Work Smarter, Not Harder5:58
    Productivity Barriers - Eliminate The Barriers/Hurdles That Slow You Down9:53
    Distractions - Learn 4 Strategies To Eliminate Them
    Projects - Start, Manage, And Finish Them In 5 Steps
    Batching - Use Flow To Ramp Up Your Efficiency
    Beast Mode - How To Get A Lot Done, Quickly!
    Errands - Upgrade How You Handle Your Errands
  • Thank You!
    Conclusion - Thank You! What To Do Next

From Mindset to Taking Action! Learn 29 Strategies That Will Make You More Productive Than Ever

Derek Franklin

Derek Franklin | Teaches 12 Crazy Good Courses You Will Love!

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Derek is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's an instructor obsessed with not only teaching others great ideas but also showing them how to put those great ideas into action. Since 1998, when Derek started taking life more seriously, he has:

  • Written 5 best-selling print books for Adobe Press that have sold over 250,000 copies in more than a dozen languages worldwide
  • Worked as Creative Director for a nationally recognized media company, with clients that included Adidas and Papa Johns
  • Created several software products used by over 10000 satisfied users
  • Achieved multiple 5-figure sales days for my products/services
  • Launched 25+ projects online - everything from software, video courses, to ebooks, to a membership site


Hey there, busy bee! You probably have a lot to do so let's cut right to the chase. In this course, you’re going to discover productivity strategies for getting things done. It's divided into three sections: Daily Productivity, Productive Mindset, and Taking Action. It will start off with how to take your everyday tasks into mini achievable goals and other habits that will help you change your daily productivity routine. The second part will focus on your mindset: action beliefs, deadlines, consistencies, and more. Lastly, you're gonna put your newly learned knowledge into action and apply it to real life. Start working smarter!

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 50 lectures & 9 hours of content 247
  • Turn everyday tasks into mini goals
  • Take care of all the small tasks that take 1 to 5 minutes to complete
  • Put awesome ideas into action
  • Discover 9 simple ways to boost your energy anytime you need it
  • Master your ability to focus & how to develop it if your focus is weak.
  • Embrace making mistakes, showing your flaws, & being imperfect
  • Install 9 important action beliefs into your brain
  • Start using deadlines as a motivation tool in all areas of your life
  • Create a productive environment that promotes taking action
  • Remove barriers that stand in your way of getting things done
  • And so much more!

"What an amazing content! I am super glad that I immediately decided to enroll onto this course as soon as email hit my inbox. A lone chapter on Imperfection is enough to the value worth of money being paid. This course should be made mandatory for all people irrespective of where they are in life." – Jai


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