Full Stack Web Development MASTERY Course: Zero to Hero 2023

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173 Lessons (51.5h)

  • Your First Program
  • What Does The Course Cover?
    What Does The Course Cover1:10
    How To Get All The Free Stuff4:27
    Asking Great Questions and Debugging your Code4:52
  • Getting Started
    Introduction to web development10:49
    Static vs Dynamic websites3:48
    Vs Code Installation27:02
  • HTML 5
    Basic Structure of Website11:12
    Comments and some best practices12:08
    All basic tags25:09
    Anchor image video iframe tags25:17
    Lists and Tables in HTML14:20
    Forms and Input tags25:55
    Block & Inline elements in HTML8:06
    HTML Entities7:10
    SEO and Semantic tags17:52
  • CSS 3
    Introduction to CSS6:38
    Inline Internal External CSS11:22
    CSS Selectors18:37
    Web Developer Tools9:53
    Fonts in CSS16:25
    Colors in CSS11:40
    Borders And Background In Css23:10
    Understanding Box Model15:57
    Float and Clear14:13
    Styling Buttons & Links12:53
    Display property in CSS13:28
    Position property in CSS14:50
    Visibility & Z-index in CSS16:25
    All about flexbox in CSS21:10
    Sizing Units in CSS12:54
    Media Queries15:21
    Box & Text Shadow8:58
    Custom Variables & properties8:05
    All about Animations in CSS20:03
    Transitions in CSS9:59
    Transformations in CSS9:36
    CSS Grids29:01
  • Bootstrap 5
    Bootstrap 10148:57
  • Bootstrap Project
    Bootstrap Project69:08
  • Tailwind CSS
    Introduction To Tailwind CSS34:00
    Setting up Tailwind CSS for deployment17:46
    Fonts & Sizing14:20
    Margins, Border and Padding17:44
    Square Bracket Notation11:49
    Creating Responsive Designs10:54
    Hover, Active & Focus States13:55
    @apply directive in tailwind CSS9:49
    @layer Directive in Tailwind CSS12:56
    Customizing Tailwind CSS29:19
  • JavaScript ES6
    Introduction to JavaScript7:04
    Basics of JavaScript26:59
    Var, const, let30:06
    Data Types in JavaScript23:17
    Conversion & Coercion17:54
    All about JavaScript Strings30:17
    All About Arrays24:22
    Conditionals and Switch Case18:03
    Loops in JavaScript16:45
    Functions in JavaScript10:19
    Window Object Properties & Functions14:02
    Basics of DOM14:11
    HTML Element Selectors in JavaScript27:26
    Children, Parent & Traversing DOM24:27
    Creating Removing & Replacing Element22:31
    JavaScript events & event handlers12:47
    More on JavaScript Events19:47
    Local & Session Storage16:10
    Math Object in JavaScript13:58
    Date Object in JavaScript12:11
    OOPs in JavaScript9:28
    Object Prototype in JavaScript7:16
    Prototype Inheritance7:23
    ES6 Classes & Inheritance12:33
    Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript11:38
    AJAX Tutorial24:07
    Callback functions in JavaScript6:56
    Promises in JavaScript10:42
    Arrow Functions9:52
    Fetch API18:46
    Async Await in JavaScript11:39
    Error Handling in JavaScript23:29
    Regular expressions in JavaScript27:29
    Metacharacters in Regular expressions11:17
    Character sets in Regular Expressions8:31
    Iterators in JavaScript9:55
    Generators in JavaScript8:50
    Maps in JavaScript25:57
    Sets in JavaScript16:01
    Symbols in JavaScript10:10
    Destructing in JavaScript7:28
  • JSON
    JSON 10115:17
  • jQuery
    Jquery 10184:25
  • React.js
    Introduction & Installation12:44
    Create React App18:01
    Understanding JSX12:25
    Create React app with Bootstrap12:39
    Props and Proptypes29:04
    States And Events In React34:03
    Creating Dark Mode For React App48:27
    Changing title favicon & meta of React13:09
    React Router24:51
    Introduction To Class Based Component16:14
    Structure of our React App17:19
    Fetch API Key In React App24:54
    States & Props in React10:52
    Iterating array in JSX18:31
    Using Fetch API In React To Populate21:21
    Adding Pagination To React App27:35
    Loading spinner in react app12:41
    Adding categories & PropTypes in React22:36
    React router in class based app16:16
    Restructuring the code12:00
    Infinite Scroll In React.js21:52
    React Top Loading Bar13:05
    Class To Function Based Components30:22
  • Node.js + NPM
    Introduction to Nodejs24:32
    Nodejs Installation and REPL22:38
    Nodejs Core Modules20:15
    Synchronous CRUD operations using FS modules16:14
    Asynchronous file system core modules13:29
    Synchronous vs Asynchronous7:34
    Asynchronous operations10:44
    OS module in Node.js18:31
    Path Module in Nodejs12:46
    Create & Export your own modules26:19
    Complete NPM25:13
    Nodemon in Nodejs8:02
    Module wrapper function in Nodejs14:39
    Creating HTTP server in Node14:33
    Routing in Nodejs17:03
    JSON in Nodejs21:42
    Create Simple API in Nodejs21:38
    Events Module in Nodejs8:45
    Streaming in Nodejs21:58
    Stream Pipes in Nodejs7:47
  • Express.js + HBS
    Routing in Express.js7:00
    Sending HTML & JSON using Express.js16:42
    Serving Static Website using Express.js23:47
    Template Engines25:17
    Views Directory in Express.js10:43
    Partials In Express.js25:58
    Adding 404 page using Express.js14:55
    Query Strings in Express.js11:29
    Express and API21:52
  • MongoDB + Mongoose
    Introduction to MongoDB21:31
    Installation of MongoDB16:34
    Basic Fundamentals of MongoDB15:36
    Create Insert data in MongoDB (CRUD)17:06
    Read Data in MongoDB (CRUD)15:15
    Update Data in MongoDB (CRUD)11:16
    Delete Data in MongoDB (CRUD)9:57
    MongoDB Compass Installation6:27
    CRUD in 1 min using MongoDB Compass14:13
    Introduction to Mongoose15:53
    Mongoose Schema & Models10:18
    Create & Insert Docs using Mongoose13:16
    Insert Multiple Docs using Mongoose6:47
    How to read docs using Mongoose9:05
    Query Methods and Operators22:30
    Update Documents using Mongoose12:43
    Delete Docs using Mongoose7:33
    Mongoose Built in Validation17:43
    Creating your own validator in MongoDB7:23
    NPM Validator Package12:40
    Introduction To Rest API20:35
    Creating Our Own Restful API51:00
    Building REST API with Async Await7:55
    Handling GET request in our API24:51
    Handling PATCH request in our API15:36
    Handling DELETE request in our API10:22
    Adding Express Router in our API14:50
  • Git and GitHub
    Git & Github 10135:46
  • Hosting Websites
    Hosting And Deploying Tutorial40:09

Go From Zero to Full-Stack Hero as You Create Web Projects with JavaScript, CSS 3, Mongoose, & More

Prerak Mehta

Prerak Mehta | Course Instructor

4.3/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Prerak Mehta started to gain interest in programming at a very young age, then he decided to teach programming and development courses involving innovative teaching techniques to dramatically improve the learner's understanding of difficult concepts. He aims to create a fun learning environment for all learners and to bring about a qualitative change in the field of web development.


In this comprehensive course, you are going to gain knowledge on tools and technologies that you need to become a MERN stack developer starting this year. The course includes topics such as HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript ES6, jQuery, JSON, React.js, Node.js, NPM, Express, Mustache, Handlebars, HBS, REST APIs, Databases, MongoDB, Mongoose, Git, and GitHub, Hosting and deploying websites and web applications.

4.5/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Access 173 lectures & 51.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn modern frameworks & technologies including JavaScript ES6, CSS 3, & more
  • Build powerful Web Applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Make a full-time income as a Web Developer


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels
  • Certificate of completion included
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  • Any device with basic specifications. The course is available online and course material is stored on a server so you do not have to download any special software.
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended


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